Contained! Docker Deep Dive

Why Should We Teach It?

Docker is a container technology that has taken the tech industry by storm. It has been adopted by many in the industry and is going to be a staple in developing and serving software for years to come.

How Long?

6 sessions


  • Basic to Intermediate Linux/Unix command line concepts
  • BASH Scripting basics
  • Basic Linux Networking Concepts
    • Ports
    • IP/Subnets
  • Linux package management (apt-get/yum/installing from source)

What Will They Learn?

  • What are Containers + Other Container Technologies
  • What is Docker and why is it so popular
  • What problems Docker/Containers solve
  • How Docker works and what you can do with it
  • Dockerfiles and how to write them
  • Container/Image Management
  • Docker best practices
  • How to dockerize an existing application

Contained! Docker Deep Dive