Foundational Concepts in AWS

Level - Apprentice(beginner)

The Cloud has changed the world. Immense technical power, that was only once available to massive companies, is now available to anyone and everyone. Horizons is a technical training series designed to help you understand what the cloud is, how it works, and how you can leverage it to solve tough problems. This is a hands on course where you will how to architect, build and manage resources in the cloud.

Course Details

When: Every Monday and Wednesday from May 4 - June 24
Where: Twitch
Cost: FREE!!!

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  • 8 week bootcamp
  • 2 lessons per week
  • lesson duration 2.5 hours
  • 14 Ungraded Homework Assignments
  • 7 Graded Quizes
  • 3 Graded exams

What You’ll Learn

  • Strong Understanding of Amazon Web Services
  • Introduction to Cloud Architecture and Principles
  • Gain Familiarity with AWS’s vast catalog of services
  • Learn how to provision cloud infrastructure manually and programmatically
  • The ability to manage AWS accounts
  • An understanding of AWS billing and how to manage costs
  • An understanding of AWS and cloud security practices and principles

Who is this for?

This course is designed for people who have no cloud experience looking to get into AWS to understand it both conceptually as well as technically. This may include but it not limited to:

  • Individuals looking to take the AWS Cerified Cloud Practitioner exam
  • Software Engineers/Web Developers looking to understand the cloud
  • Anyone beginning any technical engineering journey
  • Business analysts
  • Project Managers working on Technical Projects
  • IT-related professionals