Fundamentals in Software Engineering and Computer Science

Level - Apprentice(beginner)

Today, every company is a Software company. The Software industry is booming and demand for qualified software engineers is expected to increase by over 23% by 2028. deCoded is a technical training series designed to help you gain a solid foundation in Software Engineering and Computer Science, disciplines that will enable you to change the world by weilding technology to solve our toughest problems. The goal of this course is to truely understand the concepts, so we won’t be focused on learning any language in particular, but we will be writing code in Go, Python, JavaScript…..and probablyRust. Whether you are looking to build amazing websites, or write software to manage your cloud infrastructure, This course is highly encouraged for anyone looking to write any type of code for a living.

Course Details

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday from May 5 - June 25
Where: Twitch
Cost: FREE!!!

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  • 8 week bootcamp
  • 2 lessons per week
  • lesson duration 2.5 hours
  • 14 Ungraded Homework Assignments
  • 7 Graded Quizes
  • 3 Graded exams

What You’ll Learn

  • An understanding of how computers work
  • knowledge of the tools used to create and manage code
  • Problem Solving Methods and Practices(Algorithms)
  • What programming is, and how to do it
  • Different programming approaches such as functional or object oriented
  • Different types of programming languages and what they are good for
  • Software Architecture design principles and patterns
  • A bit about systems and how computers interact

Who is this for?

This course is designed for people who have little to no coding experience. This may include but it not limited to:

  • Anyone looking to write any type of code for a living
  • Anyone beginning any technical engineering journey
  • Business analysts
  • Project Managers working on Technical Projects
  • IT-related professionals who wants to add new tools to their belts