Foundations in Linux

Tux the penguin

Linux is an Open Source Operating System that runs the world. It powers many of the tools and applications you interact with every single day….It’s what your thinking about when you watch the Matrix.

Course Details

Waddle is a 6 part, hands on excursion into Linux. By the end you will understand how linux serves the greater tech community, and how you can leverage it to do some amazing things!

Next Excursion: Mondays and Wednesdays from July 7 - July 22
Time: 7PM EST
Where: Twitch
Cost: FREE!!!

Day 1

  • What is Linux
  • Distrobution Deep Dive
  • Intro to Virtualization
  • Dual Booting
  • Linux Installation

Day 2

  • Understanding the Linux File System
  • Intro to the Command Line
  • Command Line Navigation

Day 3

  • Installing Packages
  • Managing Packages
  • Installing from Source
  • Process Management

Day 4

  • File Operations
  • Text Editing
  • Linux Permission

Day 5

  • System Startup
  • Cron
  • Linux Networking Concepts

Day 6

  • Bash Scripting Lab