Docker Deep Dive


Docker is an open source container technology that has taken the tech industry by storm. Docker makes it easy to create, deploy, and run applications in a consistent way.

Course Details

Contained! is a 6 part, hands on excursion into Docker. By the end you will know what docker is, why it’s so popular, and how to use it effectively to solve problems!

Next Excursion: Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 7 - July 23
Time: 7PM EST
Where: Twitch
Cost: FREE!!!

Day 1

  • What are Containers
  • What is Docker
  • Why is Docker So Popular
  • Docker Lingo
  • Installing Docker

Day 2

  • Docker Hub
  • Running Docker Containers
  • Container Commands
  • Container Management
    • Volume Mapping
    • Port Mapping
    • Networking
    • Environment Variables
    • Exec’ing

Day 3

  • Persisting Data
  • Image Management
  • Diving into Dockerfiles
  • Understanding Layers
  • Image Building Practice

Day 4

  • Docker Networks
  • Understanding Entrypoints
  • Docker Best Practices
  • Multi Stage Dockerfiles

Day 5

  • Multi Container Applications
  • Docker Compose

Day 6

  • Reverse Engineering: Dockerizing an existing application